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What Is Brotox, and Why Is It Becoming So Popular?

Brotox has exploded in popularity over the last decade. As its nickname might suggest, “Brotox” refers to BTX procedures for men.


Every guy needs to admit this one honest truth: Feeling that you’re getting old sucks, no matter what your age. We all look in the mirror every morning and judge ourselves by how we look. The signs of aging on the face, including the formation of fine lines and wrinkles from skin laxity, can make women feel as though they look older than they are. Men have concerns too, and the formation of dynamic wrinkles on the upper third of the face can still develop for men as well as women. While women go to the doctor to obtain BTX injections, men can obtain the same solution under the name of “Brotox.”

BTX is a neuromodulator that works by reducing muscle tension. Instead of injecting BTX into the wrinkles and folds of concern as a doctor would a dermal filler, BTX is injected into muscles to calm them and reduce tension. The result? Smoother skin and no forehead folds, glabellar lines, or crow’s feet!

The differences come with the administration of the injections, to achieve specific results. For example, getting a facial expression to look a certain way can require varying injection points with this drug. Men and women may want different things out of this procedure.

It’s important for the practitioner doing the needle insertions to know what the effects will be from every dose and distribution on the face. If they have experience treating men, they’re more likely to understand how their ‘pokes’ will affect male muscles and anatomy.

In fact, any good doctor should start by asking a male (or female!) what type of emotion or expression they want to convey on their face. If they want to look less angry, for example, that can mean a different procedure than looking more masuline or ‘toned.’ It can also be different than creating a ‘smoothed edges’ look, or a ‘less tired’ look.

 Men also don’t want to look like they’ve been ‘done.’ The same is true of women. But, admittedly, men may find this even more embarrassing, if it happens. Having the ‘frozen’ look on their faces will announce to the whole world that they’ve sought cosmetic treatments, which may still be stigmatized in their social circles. 

The Goken Promise

 The brand & type of BTX will only work as well as the doctor who is administering the treatment. At GOKEN Aesthetics Practice, our doctors and staff always work to enhance each patient’s features proportionally to create tasteful, natural looking results. Our doctors listen to patients’ thoughts and concerns before recommending a customised treatment plan, which can sometimes include a combination of facial lasers, threadlifts and btx to achieve the ideal aesthetics results.

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