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Lower face proportions contribute to overall facial balance. The region that highlights the lower face is the chin. When the chin is less than the ideal size, other facial areas tend to appear too large or too small. Inadequate chin projection makes the adjacent neck tissues look prematurely aged.

What gives the chin its shape?
The shape of the chin is determined by the underlying bone and skeletal structure of the lower face. Above the bone are lower facial muscles and of course the soft tissue fat pads that frame the chin.
What types of chins are there?
The best way to assess a chin is via a straight up view and a lateral view, where we look at two things – projection of the chin as well as the shape of the chin from the view straight up. Most of the time, we would like a well projected chin with a nice tapering down to form a heart shape.
How can the ideal chin be achieved for me?
We term it as – Chin Enhancement. We strive for non surgical enhancements, achieved by using a combination of fillers which allow for versatile sculpting with low risk of injury to nerves. This also allows us touched ups to be done easily with minimal to no downtime.
How long does the treatment take?
The procedure takes around 30 minutes.
Are the treatments painful?
No, numbing cream or local anaesthetic will be given to maximise comfort!
After the procedure, how long will the results last?
They can last between 12 – 24 months, depending on individual.
Am I suitable for this procedure?
Some of us might have a receded chin, a good way to know is to have a picture taken from the side. If you find your chin too far behind the line that connects the centre of your nose to your upper and lower lip, then you are a suitable candidate!

If you are looking straight up the mirror and find the chin too squarish, yes, you can opt for a slight enhancement to achieve a V shaped lower face / heart shaped chin!

What will the final effect look like?
You will achieve a heart shaped chin, in harmony with the rest of the face!

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