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Sal Lift

Non-Surgical Eyebag
& Dark Circles Removal

Sagging eyebags, dark eye circles and droopy eyelids are the typical signs of aging.

Aging causes our collagen composition to lessen, causing our skin to loosen and become thin, resulting in decreased amounts of facial fats. This usually causes a person to reveal dreary and tired features.

Treatment options for eyebag removal in the past have largely relied on blepharoplasty; A surgical procedure that involves incision and repositioning of fat pads of the eye. The procedure usually entails significant downtime and can cause discomfort which can last weeks. There is also a degree of risk associated with any form of surgery.

With the advancement of technology and the growing demand for non-surgical options for eyebag firming/removal, our doctors at Goken Aesthetics Practice have developed the Aegyo Sal Lift – a customised non-invasive treatment to tighten sagging eyebags by stimulating collagen formation with heat from deep within, generating volumisation and rejuvenation for the eyes.
This procedure only requires the application of numbing cream and mild downtime in the form of swelling and redness which lasts a few days. In comparison with a surgical blepharoplasty, the downtime becomes very minimal and the treatment does not create any surgical scar and complications resulting from surgery.

An additional 3 – 4 Aegyo Sal lifts can be carried out to achieve fine tuning of desired results.


What is the Aegyo Sal Lift?
Aegyo Sal Lift is a customised combination treatment to tighten and lift the saggy eye regions. The procedure is strictly non-invasive with no surgery involved and downtime is in the form of swelling and redness of a few days.
How long does the protocol take?
Aegyo Sal Lift takes an average of 30 mins or less and it can easily be done during lunch hour.
Is the treatment painful? Are there any downtime?
Patients will apply numbing cream to the area about 30mins before treatment and will experience minimal discomfort if any. Downtime is usually in the form of slight swelling and redness of a few days.
How much does the Aegyo Sal Lift cost?
The Aegyo Sal Lift treatment starts from S$2000 and follow-up sessions can be arranged if fine-tuning of results are required.

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