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Inspiring Agelessness

Goken Luxe provides Medical and Cosmetic services in excellent and high standard quality. We offer an exceptional medical experience in a luxurious state-of-the-art amenities and world-class service.

Our clinic is helmed by Dr SIn Yong and we are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of satisfaction through our leading-edge treatments.

Featured Treatment

The Bliss Lift - Restoring Our Apex of Youth
The Bliss Lift is done in a precise manner where we utilise absorbable threads specially equipped with tiny hooks and cones that grasp on to layers of our fats, allowing us to exert tension to sculpt and reposition the Apex of Youth to where it belongs. This repositioning of facial fats restores the energetic appearance. We also like to use fillers for some touch up to eliminate areas of hollowing on the face. indications causing acute to chronic pain.
The Time Freeze - Age Reversal
Areas that it can treat:
1. Improves fine wrinkles
2. Destroys pigmentations
3. Removes moles
4. Tightens sagging skin
5. Strengthens skin’s architecture via collagen stimulation
6. Lifts sagging eye lids
7. Minimises pores
8. Softens scarring
Cellulite Redefined - Reshaping New Horizons
Redefine Cellulite uses pulsed shockwave to shrink the fat cells, disrupt the underlying fibrous tissue and expel excess water retention. Treatment of one area takes around 15 minutes and is comfortable and free from pain. A treatment course comprises of 8 – 12 sessions.
Vibranto Series - The New 30s
The whole series is a lifelong commitment.
The Vibranto Series utilises a range of modalities such as hormone replacement, sculpting devices and regenerative medicine to bring your back to your youthful days.

Effects kick in after 6 months of treatment. You may also find your improvement as early as 3 months into treatment.

In the Vibranto Series, we seek to monitor your progress every 3 months to keep you in the best condition for your daily activities.


Sutureless Earlobe Sealing is a technique designed to target stretched earlobes and to allow these stretched earlobes to close up without the use of sutures.

Your stretched ear lobe could be a result of an initial piercing that was placed too low, frequent overstretching, overtly heavy or thick earrings or a combination of factors.

What happens during treatment?

  1. Very precise amounts of acid are placed along the circumference of the stretched ear hole using a tiny needle.
  2. Immediately, whitening of the treated skin results as the acid denatures the part of the treated skin.
  3. Surrounding areas can have mild redness and swelling. All of these changes – whitening, reddening, swelling start to subside after approximately 1 hour.
  4. Thereafter, good sun protection is crucial to avoid possible darkening due to UV light.
  5. Subsequent treatment sessions are placed 2 to 4 weeks apart.
  6. Degree of improvement varies between individuals ranging between 3 – 6 sessions for complete sealing depending on the width of the stretched hole.

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Dr. Sin Yong obtained his medical degree after graduation from the National University of Singapore, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. He developed a keen eye for surgery as he served in the government hospitals under various surgical specialties such as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, Ear, Nose and Throat Department, and the Anaesthesia Department. He furthered his surgical knowledge by achieving a post-graduate degree in surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
He has also been accorded Certificates of Competence in lasers for skin rejuvenation, botulinum toxin, dermal fillers and other aesthetic procedures. Dr Sin Yong regularly attends global and regional conferences for aesthetics and keeps abreast with the latest aesthetic technology. He is a designated Restylane Trainer and trains other aesthetic doctors in achieving minimal invasive facial rejuvenation. His interest culminated in him spending two years to pursue a Master of Science in Aesthetic Medicine in London where he graduated with a distinction. Dr. Sin Yong is also a member of Society for Men’s Health Singapore where he engages in sharing sessions with fellow colleagues.
Dr. Sin Yong is also a part-time professional magician where he uses magic to spread a message of kindness in the community. Using this platform, he has gone on to start “Magic of Kindness” at www.magicofkindness.org where he encourages all his viewers to lend a helping hand to others in the community. He also uses his magic to create fund raising concerts for charitable causes to raise awareness of these charities amongst Singaporeans. He has also received accolades from the National University of Singapore and accorded an Alumni Award for service in the community.

You can visit his website here: https://www.drsinyong.com

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