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Regenera Activa Treatment

Regenera Activa is the latest non-surgical hair growth treatment that is based on capillary regenerative therapy. Regenera Activa is a 30min painless procedure and last for a year on the average. This is extremely safe since the stem cells are taken from the patient’s own body, and the treatment is US FDA approved.

Stem cell therapy for hair loss is not only effective but also very convenient. It is a non-surgical procedure with impressive results.

These cells are capable of generating other cells which are different from them in structure and function. Another essential characteristic is that stem cells are capable of self-renewal. This means that they can undergo cell division and produce other stem cells with the same function and purpose.

How does the REGENERA ACTIVA treatment look like?
Regenera Activa treatment is extremely simple and usually takes 20-30minutes.

1. At the first stage, the doctor will take a small section of the skin (from one to three biopsies with a diameter of 2.5mm) from the neck area of the hairline. This is the area that, is susceptible to androgenetic alopecia the least. The collection of such a small section of the skin allows to spontaneous healing of the graft collection site. This is a completely painless process, as the doctor anaesthetized the place of the biopsy with lidocaine.

2. In the next stage, the doctor, with the help of the special device, extracts from your tissue the progenitor cells, stem cells and growth factors, which have regenerative abilities.

3. The prepared suspension will be applied to the skin of your head, on the basis of mesotherapy to your hair follicles, in order that initiates repair processes.

How often should the treatment be repeated?
The REGENERA ACTIVA treatment is performed only once in a single session. It is not necessary to perform this procedure in a series. Regenera Activa treatment can be repeated only after 2-3 years, just to prevent further hair loss and progression of androgenic alopecia.
The treatment can also be performed with patients, after hair transplantation as a complementary treatment (it is a must, to pass 3 months since the transplant at least).
 Complying the 5α reductase blockers is not a contraindication for surgery. There is no need to stop taking the drug before the procedure, and you can continue treatment after the procedure as well.
How painful is it? How long is downtime?
Some discomfort is expected during Regenera Activa treatment. The extraction sites where the small scabs are will heal approximately from 3 days to one week. You can continue your work or daily activities immediately after treatment.
When will I see results?
Hence it is a biological therapy, the answer is less accurate than with conventional hair transplantation. It depends on the affected individual: dynamics of hair loss, the extent of the affected zone, age and genetic factors all impact the rate of regrowth of the thinning area. Microscopically we are usually able to detect a significant reduction of the number of miniaturized hair within one month, and towards the sixth month, there are usually already changes in quality and a number of strands and a high hair density.
What results should I expect?
The treatment helps the follicular units to regain their normal cycle. As a first sign, slowing down of hair loss is expected, followed by improved density and thickness of existing hair. New hair growth is seen in the second stage of regeneration, in the next 6 months.
Is it safe?
Regenera Activa has been through extensive preliminary clinical trials for safety and efficacy both. In other words, the safety profile has been well established.

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