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The apex of youth refers to this area that has the most volume and is the most prominent whenever we take a photo. The flash from the camera preferentially bounces off this apex as it catches the most light.

What does the bulge signify?
This bulge is best noticed just on each side of the nose and it accounts for the deepening of our laugh lines and makes us look tired and aged.
How can the Apex of Youth be restored for me?
We term it as – Repose Threadlift . Repose Threadlift is done in a precise manner where we utilise absorbable threads specially equipped with tiny hooks that grasp on to layers of our fats, allowing us to exert tension to sculpt and reposition the Apex of Youth to where it belongs. This repositioning of facial fats restores the energetic appearance. We also like to use fillers for some touch up to eliminate areas of hollowing on the face.
What advantages does Repose Threadlift have?
1. Precise

2. Safe

3. Minimal downtime

4. Bridges symmetry between left and right side of face

5. Pulls our Apex of Youth back to where it belongs

How long does the treatment take?
The procedure takes around 1 hour.
Are the treatments painful?
No, numbing cream or local anaesthetic will be given to maximise comfort!
After the procedure, how long will the results last?
They can last between 9 – 18 months, depending on individual. Even there after, you will still find that the results are still better from before as it stimulates your own collagen to give strength to pull your own facial fat upwards.
Am I suitable for this procedure?
Some of us might have a receded chin, a good way to know is to have a picture taken from the side. If you find your chin too far behind the line that connects the centre of your nose to your upper and lower lip, then you are a suitable candidate!

If you are looking straight up the mirror and find the chin too squarish, yes, you can opt for a slight enhancement to achieve a V shaped lower face / heart shaped chin!

What will the final effect look like?
You will achieve a heart shaped chin, in harmony with the rest of the face!

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