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A region of the upper face that is often neglected in the temples. As our facial tissue ages, the temporal bone concaves in and the overlying muscles decreases in size. This results in a loss of convexity and fullness associated with a youthful experience.

The upper face contributes to overall facial shape and balance. A more oval facial shape shines with youth where a concavity at the upper face makes the facial proportions unbalanced and gives off a haggard appearance

Is there a way to restore the youthful oval upper facial shape?
The answer is in using temple fillers. These fillers have a relative viscosity to maintain the contour that you want.
After the procedure, how long will the results last?
Temple fillers last between 1-2 years, depending on individual.
Am I suitable for this procedure?
If you notice a slight depression over your temples, you should consider improving it to restore a rounded appearance with temple fillers. If you notice a deep depression caving in, you would need a larger volume of fillers to restore that upper facial balance.
What will the final effect look like?
Temples rejuvenation will allow you to have a more oval upper face which corrects the upper facial proportions, giving you a fresher look.

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