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Thermage® is a proven, unique radiofrequency treatment that can help improve the appearance of sagging or loose skin, giving you a smoother, sleeker and younger look and feel.

Just one treatment with little down time

Aging affects us all – the way we act, the way we feel, and definitely the way we look. But with advancements in skin care, you can have a say in the way aging affects your skin – and maybe even get back to the way you looked not so long ago. Thermage® is a proven, unique radiofrequency treatment that can help improve the appearance of sagging or loose skin, giving you a smoother, sleeker and younger look and feel. Thermage® works in just one treatment with little down time and delivers a natural looking result. It’s you, just younger looking and more confident.

Thermage® is a minimally invasive rejuvenation and tightening procedure which utilizes radiofrequency waves to penetrate deep into the skin. This will stimulate your body’s natural renewal of collagen and lead to skin tightening and contouring. Thermage® is FDA approved for the treatment of facial wrinkles, and is also the only system which is FDA-approved for treatment of the eyelids.


Hooding, fine lines and even our brow line can make us look worn-down. Thermage® treats the upper and lower eyelids to help you look more youthful and rested.
As we age, phrases like “turkey neck”, loose jowls, sagging skin and “what happened to my jawline?” creep in. Thermage® smooths lines and wrinkles and remodels collagen for the overall health of the skin.
Aging doesn’t just affect the skin on our faces, our bodies see the effects too, with crepe-y, sagging skin and unwanted bulges and dimples. Thermage® is a non-invasive way to smooth the skin on our bodies and even temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite.


At Goken Aesthetics, we will deliver Radiofrequency (RF) energy using the latest Thermage® CPT machine, through a control of the amount of RF energy which balances the optimisation of results and your comfort level. The treatment tip heats the collagen within the deeper layers of the skin while cooling the outer layer of the skin to ensure comfort. There is tightening of the deep structures, which increases over time and results in firmer and smoother skin.
How Long Do Thermage® Treatments Take?
The Thermage® procedure duration varies according to how large an area needs to be treated. It is wholly possibly to have it done during lunch time, or as a quick treatment after-work before heading out to a dinner engagement.
What Can I Expect To Feel During The Procedure?
An advantage to the Thermage® procedure is that it enhances one’s appearance with a minimal amount of pain. Each time the treatment tip touches your skin, you will feel a brief cooling sensation, followed by a brief but deep heating sensation. The new CPT system and vibratory function further reduces the sensation of heat. Most patients who have undergone the procedure at Goken Aesthetics have described the procedure as being comfortable. We generally advise the application of an anesthetic cream before the procedure, especially if you are more sensitive to pain.
How Many Treatments Are Required?
One treatment is all you will need to see and feel real results.
What Should I Expect Post-Therapy?
Most patients can see and feel Thermage® results very soon after treatment – in as little as one day.  Continued improvements and contouring can happen for up to six months as your body regenerates collagen. Your body actually produces new collagen which is how the collagen matrix thickens and creates a smoothing effect. Even better, results can last years. Your doctor at Goken Aesthetics will advise you on the appropriate interval between your Thermage® treatments or the addition of other treatments, ie Ulthera.
Am I Eligible for Thermage®?
Thermage® is suitable for anyone desiring a non-invasive method to improve their sagging or aging skin. The procedure is suitable for all skin types, and for both men and women.

Your doctor at Goken Aesthetics will advise you further on whether Thermage® is an appropriate choice for you after your consultation.

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