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Photoaging is a consequence of UV light from the sun. Over a period of time, the UV light rays induces fine wrinkles to develop, pigmentation spots to form and it damages the skin’s architecture, causing a loss of its original elasticity and smoothness.

Eventually, all these change cause us to undergo premature aging, to look older from our physiological self.

Is there a way to reverse aged skin and to look 5 to 10 years younger?
The answer is the Time Freeze laser. Using a water as a target, it burns off and erases all the small imperfections in the skin.
How does it differ from other lasers?
Time freeze laser delivers the energy in two well defined timings which minimises the amount of downtime and limits excessive thermal damage.
How does it work?
1. Time Freeze laser falls in the wavelength of 10600nm and this corresponds to water as the laser chromophore.

2. Essentially this just means that the laser energy is strongly absorbed by water in the skin!

3. This energy is then translated to vaporising parts of the skin as seen in fractional skin resurfacing technology which allows only some regions to be treated each time such that healing can be accelerated!

4. The skin then heals within 5-8 days where you would observe the post treatment care for great results!

What can be treated by Time Freeze laser?

· Improves fine wrinkles

· Destroys pigmentations

· Removes moles

· Tightens sagging skin

· Strengthens skin’s architecture via collagen stimulation

· Lifts sagging eye lids

· Minimises pores

· Softens scarring

Who is suitable for Time Freeze laser?
Almost everyone can do it! It is a gift from the heavens and one of the best things you can do for your skin. The power can be varied for all skin types. It is a great option but sometimes for ice pick scars we may look to use TCA CROSS and for rolling scars we may use subcision.

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